About Us

With our growing services extending across the Greater Seattle Region, CBC provides exceptional behavioral therapy improving the quality of life for individuals from birth to adult. Our specialized team uses Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) principles and practices in combination with other evidenced-based techniques to enhance individual skills needed to become as independent and successful in daily life as possible.

By providing ABA services in naturalistic environments such as home, school, and community settings, we aim to empower each of our clients to live a quality of life they deserve. At CBC we value integrity, confidentiality, innovation, diversity, and inclusion.

"Working with you over the past five years to bridge therapy and practical support has been imperative to the success of the kids and adults we serve.”
-Psychologist, Dr. Julie Osterling

Our Team

Shannon Crissey


Shannon, along with her husband Shafer Crissey, started CBC in 2015 and they haven’t looked back since! Shannon holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado, and a Master’s degree from the University of Washington in Early Childhood Special Education along with the Board Certified Behavior Analyst certificate. Previous experience in the field includes teaching in the high school setting as well as serving as a Lead Preschool teacher at the Experimental Education Unit at the University of Washington’s Haring Center for Inclusive Education. She remained in this role for 5 years gaining vital training from top professionals in the field at a program that serves as a model for best ABA practices worldwide…


In 2015 Shannon made the transition from the EEU to the Haring Center’s Professional Development Unit where she served as an Education Resource Training Specialist for the next two years, taking clients with CBC on a part-time basis. At the PDU she provided intensive, multi-day trainings to teachers and other professionals across the state of Washington covering topics from best practices for inclusive classrooms to dealing with challenging behavior and working with families of children with developmental disabilities. These years of teaching others the concepts behind quality interventions gave Shannon a deep knowledge of best practices, making her uniquely qualified to mentor new professionals in the field on how to put what they’ve learned from their grad programs into practice in natural settings – a principle that has become central to Shafer and Shannon’s vision for CBC.

Over the past decade, Shannon has taught children with and without disabilities in both self-contained classrooms and inclusive classrooms, and has provided intensive ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy to children with autism spectrum disorders across multiple settings including public and private schools, community-based camps and other rec programs, community swimming and skiing programs, and many other settings where intervention could be embedded naturalistically. Shannon’s specializes in providing therapy at any time, or any setting where intervention is needed and an inclusive, naturalistic approach can be utilized. This includes, but is not limited to: grocery stores, public parks, professional photography sessions, and in client’s homes during specific routines such as mealtimes, bedtime routines, homework routines and other challenging times of day. These past experiences continue to shape her mentorship with BCBAs and has ultimately helped her to form a vision for the future of CBC that is innovative and exciting to be a part of!

Shannon enjoys spending time with her husband Shafer and her three children, Margo (8), Gwen (4) and Bear (2) – plus their cat Monte!. The Crissey’s love camping in Washington and in Shannon’s native state of Montana! When she’s not enjoying the beautiful outdoors of the PNW with her family, Shannon can often be found doing a paint-by number project, building a new Lego set, play ping pong, writing in her bullet journal, reading books or listening to true crime podcasts!

Lorrainne Symns

Clinical Director

Received her MA in Early Intervention Special Education at the University of Oregon, where she then worked as an Autism Specialist for 3 years. In 2014 Lorraine received her second MA at the University of Washington as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Lorraine has been working as a BCBA in the Seattle area in schools, clinics, and home settings. Lorraine’s current focus is teen to adult years with an interest in trauma infused ABA. However, with her background and experience, she is able to support case managers across CBC in early childhood development, social skills, and communication. 

“It is my belief that good ABA is for everyone, not just those with an autism diagnosis. All individuals can benefit from ABA that is provided on an individualized basis and embedded naturally within routines.”

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