Social Skill Groups

Our clients receive group therapy to work specifically on social skills with peers. We hold multiple groups, targeting various ages, and using curriculums that harness communication, flexibility, regulation, building relationships, and reciprocal relationship skills.

Our group therapies extend to older clients as well, targeting skills around dating: how to ask on a date, good first date etiquette, appropriate conversational topics, and much more.

MINECRAFT Social Skills Group

BCBA/BT-lead social skills group hosted by Crissey Behavioral Consulting targeting collaboration and teamwork,friendship building and conversation skills while having fun and playing Minecraft!

WHERE? The Missing Piece Game & cafe Lounge

WHEN? Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:00PM-4:00PM


WHO: School age players

CONTACT: Crissey Behavioral Consulting, Chloe Krenz (BCBA)

Phone : 561-502-7937


Co-Ed Preschool

Using play-based curriculums, preschool children will learn how to share and cooperate, work together and take turns, participate in group activities, follow simple directions, and communicate wants and needs.

Our mission:

  • Embed social opportunities within play
  • Target individual skills at high rates
  • Develop family friendly syllabi for targeting skills at home

Co-Ed Middle/High School

These groups are individualized based on priority of current needs- students will help lead their
goals and direction of learning themes. Topics are chosen according to registrants (dating, restaurant etiquette, hanging out with friends, etc.). Target skills can range from peer negotiations, nonverbal communication, conflict management, active listening, collaborative problem solving, etc.

Our mission:

  • Provide opportunities to practice skills as naturally as possible
  • Develop age appropriate reciprocal relationship skills

High Functioning Girls

A group of girls that come together each week to share and discuss their varied perspectives across a range of topics lead by them. Skills of inferencing, communication, reciprocal relationship building, and other socially related goals will be embedded within each group.

Our mission:

  • Provide opportunities for girls to have a safe space to communicate and relate
  • Develop lasting friendships

Theater Group

Beginning Improv Skills

Learn social skills and other valuable life skills in this fun and exciting online class. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of Improv, as well as gain valuable communication skills in this interactive game driven class. We will work with others: as members of a team, effective communicators, good listeners, all while making new friends in the process. This class will culminate in a short showcase for friends and family.

Our mission:

  • Create a stimulating social environment with a group of 5 kids.
  • Offer each family an overall syllabus of the class for embedding social communication skills with fun activities at home
  • Development of individualized social goals per student

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