We work with insurance…

We are currently in-network with a number of health insurance companies and are able to take clients with most of these plans. However, due to some insurance companies increased requirements for prior authorization for ABA services, we are unfortunately not able to take clients from every insurance company that we’re in network with. Please find more details below regarding which plans we are currently taking and which we are waitlisting clients for.

In-Network Insurance

CBC is currently in-network or otherwise able to accept clients with the following health insurance:

Google Employer Plan Only

Certain Aetna Plans, Please Check With Us

Waitlist Insurance Plans

Clients with the following plans are being waitlisted at this time due to requirements for prior authorization or other extenuating factors.

  • Out of state Blue Cross Blue Shield plans (eg: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, etc)
  • Anthem Blue Cross (except for Google Employer plans)

Out-of-Network Insurance

We are not currently accepting clients looking to bill services as an out of network benefit unless the insurance plan is listed under one of the sections above.



CBC has conducted contractual work for the following school districts

  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Issaquah Public Schools