Innovative ABA Therapy

We offer 1:1 ABA therapy, social skills groups, community workshops, and parent consultation services. We focus on skill building in areas such as social development, independent living, communication, and self-help skills.

Our services are individualized to each client by developmental age and need-providing optimal learning and improving quality of life.

CBC is an innovator in ABA therapy, where we strive to provide collaborative connections of services between the fields of behavioral and psychological therapies, among others. Our ABA services work to modify variables in the environment in order to enhance desired skill sets or reduce unwanted behavioral outcomes.

While our aim is observable events, we understand that brain development and automatic responses are also at play and we therefore have a keen understanding of internal factors as well. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to build on the observable with this data and knowledge regarding developmental and neurological systems.

Find out how we can work together for a better future for your loved one.

"Our son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 26 and so never had the benefit of ABA therapy until now. What a difference the right therapy and the right team make! "